Hello World 👋🏼

Published On: 2020-05-14, Reading Time: 1 minute

And we are live 🎉

After years of saying “I’m starting a blog” I can finally call this blog my own.

Currently I use this blog to improve my knowledge in HTML and CSS, because Wordpress would be too easy 😂. Please forgive me if the first posts still seem a bit clunky. I will improve, I promise 🤞🏼

In this blog you will find posts about Dynamics 365, Power Platform, the Dataverse and everything that can be connect to it. I focus on points that I had to teach myself or I could only find out through several blogs, videos. For all Dynamics 365 legends maybe just a replay.

For feedback feel free to write me on Twitter. As a little teaser, my next post will be about DevOps Pipelines.